Providing investment and management support to early stage information technology and medical companies

About Sippl Investments

Sippl Investments, LLC is a private venture capital partnership providing investment and management support to early stage and emerging software companies. Sippl Investments has been doing “Angel” level investing for 25 years, primarily in Silicon Valley based companies. Sippl Investments also is now managing the few investments that remain from Sippl Macdonald Ventures funds I, II and III that have not been distributed or resolved in some other way. Combined, the list of companies that Sippl Macdonald Ventures and Sippl Investments have invested in cuts a swath through three decades of history of enterprise software and other technologies.

Sippl Investments invests more broadly than did Sippl Macdonald Ventures, which focused on software, particularly enterprise grade. Sippl Investments also invests in medical technology companies, stemming from the pre-med education of Roger Sippl and the biotech business development experience of Mike Koo. We enjoy partnering with larger venture capital firms in many of our deals, while extending our collective operating experience to our portfolio companies regardless of investment size.Whereas Sippl Macdonald Ventures stayed primarily within the boundaries of the United States, Sippl investments will be looking to do business beyond our domestic borders, and will be looking for partnering opportunities internationally, particularly in Asia.

Our evaluation usually begins with a review of the business plan, followed by a meeting with one or more partners. If we assess a fit and mutual interest, we proceed with our due diligence process, which involves researching markets, potential customers and competitors, assessing technical risks and technical robustness, and getting to know the management team, its "personality" and past business experiences.

What sets Sippl Macdonald Ventures apart is our unparalleled industry expertise, combined with our collaborative, team-oriented approach. Our partners' experience and backgrounds are in operating technology companies from the inside. We lend the knowledge of our years of experience and network of operating executives to our entrepreneurs in assisting with strategy, recruiting, making technology decisions, and developing company and product positioning. Our most valuable asset, according to our entrepreneurs, is our ability to empathize credibly with the entrepreneurs' challenges and give perceptive, tactical guidance while optimizing their long-term strategy.

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